Making Progress

You work through the TDP at your own pace. Here’s how to keep on track – and how to get the most out of the experience as you do.

Tips for Success

As with any self-directed endeavor, completing the TDP on a timely basis entails some strategizing. Here we share some advice on planning progress for the upcoming semester and mapping completion over time.

Reflection Guidelines

Cultivating a reflective practice around teaching is a core benefit of the TDP. But what exactly is reflection, and how is it best done? We offer some guidance along with specific examples of effective reflection.

Switching Tracks

One of the decisions you make in the TDP is whether to exit with certification on the Foundational Track, or move onto the Advanced Track and complete that instead. Here’s what’s involved with switching tracks.

Building a Portfolio

By documenting your development in the TDP, you are laying the basis for strong representation of your teaching on the job market. See how these can come together in a teaching portfolio — and browse examples of digital portfolios created on the Advanced Track.

Exiting the Program

You’ve chipped away at all the TDP track requirements, and you’re ready to exit with transcript notation. Congratulations! Here’s how to signal to us that you’re done and ready for your work and capstone reflection to be certified.

I’ve found this program, and the time I’ve taken in reflection, to be transformative in how I approach pedagogy in the future.

 The TDP helped me to see how I can make subtle changes to the structure of my classes that can enhance student engagement without altering the course content or depth.

Besides gaining language to identify particular teaching principles, I have also learnt to translate them into action as I work with students both inside and outside the classroom. 

What I learned through the TDP was beyond my expectations.

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