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Every semester we add fresh listings of offerings and resources that satisfy TDP track requirements, such as Essentials Workshops, Pedagogy Workshops, and Application and Practice offerings. If you have questions about applying a specific event to your track completion, see TDP FAQs or email us.

TDP Preparing to Teach: Material Prep Bootcamp2024-05-2210:10 AM - 12:00 PMIn-personPreparing to TeachRegister
CTL Teaching ObservationBy requestScheduled with clientArranged with clientApplication and PracticeRequest
CTL Mid-Course ReviewBy requestScheduled with clientArranged with clientApplication and PracticeRequest
Lead Teaching Fellow WorkshopsOngoingOngoingIn-Person and OnlinePedagogy Workshop (grad student-led) Browse

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Guidance for completing the Foundational Track in as little as one year, or completing the Advanced Track over three years.

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