About the Program

The TDP is a structured yet flexible way to pursue and document your teaching development. Set your own pace, decide how far to go, and earn transcript notation.

Program Overview

Learn about the skills that moving through the TDP will give you, get details about Foundational and Advanced Track requirements, and access checklists that can help you chart out progress towards completion.

Benefits of the TDP

Why sign up for the TDP? Here are some top-level benefits to completing this program, as well as an introduction to the community you work with when working through it.


How have Columbia graduate students really benefitted from the TDP? See some perspectives from colleagues in various disciplines who have been through the program.

Every job interview that I’ve had this year has asked some version of this question: What defines you as a teacher? It’s because of my experiences in the TDP that I feel like I have a compelling and articulate response.

The TDP has galvanized me to more critically and thoughtfully practice inclusivity and implement accessibility policies when I teach.

As I complete the TDP I am more of an educator, and my pedagogical choices can both shape my students and extend the ideas that have guided me as a researcher.

Overall, I’ve found that the TDP has profoundly impacted my perspective on teaching.

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